Sunday, April 10, 2011

Remember This...

Ohio: The Next Time You Vote
If you live in Ohio, please remember this before you vote next time. Your State Representative John Boehner (R, OH - who is Speaker of the House of Representatives), promised to cut $100 Billion from the 2011 budget before the November elections. However, after "negotiating" for a new 2011 budget, all he could cut was $78.5 Billion dollars. That isn't fuzzy math, he fell short of $21.5 Billion dollars. These figures are CHUMP CHANGE because the USA has a deficit of $14.5 TRILLION dollars! In a brief interview after the negotiations, Boehner said the agreement "was as good a deal as we could get." What about Your pledge? Screw us!!

My Word is My Bond
Sorry John, but that's NOT WHAT YOU TOLD VOTERS last November! You broke your pledge! You threw your word away to compromise with the Progressives. Your word may not mean anything to you because you're a lying politician with no scruples, but most Americans have honor, integrity, and regard their word as a bond. We recognize what you did. To put it nicely, you're a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! You have no integrity and you are dishonest with yourself and with voters!

Lesson Learned
We learned an important lesson from you and your fellow "Good-Old-Boys" in the Republican Party. WE CAN"T TRUST YOU ANY MORE THAN THE Progressive Democrats! Next election we'll look for someone who will stand by their word. We don't need any more corrupted politicians like you! Americans: Don't keep rewarding BAD BEHAVIOR!

Tea Party Candidates
In the 2012 elections coming up, look for the Tea Party candidates. Stop re-electing the incumbents in either party who do not value their word or lack the integrity or honor we need now on America. Dump the Chumps in 2012! All of them!

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