Thursday, April 14, 2011

We Get It - They Don't

We Know
American families understand deficits and budgets. They prioritize, develop a plan of attack, and pay-off what they owe. They are (for the most part) honest, and have a sense of morality and duty. They feel obligated to keep their promises to pay back what they borrowed.

Congress Doesn't Get It
Congress does not understand. However, they have the power to spend. They don't earn anything, they just spend and borrow. They don't understand deficits - or if they do, they really don't give a care. They promise entitlements to lots of individuals and never worry about how to pay for them. They just give them away like candy to the poor stupid people who are dumb enough to think that the government will take care of them.

The Big Picture
The party is over. Congress never looks at the big picture. They are not concerned with unintended consequences. They are not concerned with the actual statistics of how well or how poorly their programs are working. They never are held accountable for poor results. They just throw more money at their programs nomatter what failures they have become. (The Federal Department of Education is a prime example). They keep shoving entitlements at us and - in affect, are buying votes for the freebies that they give voters. This is incestuous! It's also a form of corruption!

Americans see what is happening. We have been complacent too long. Now the government is corrupt and it's going to take some time and effort to clean it up. We have been relying on dirt bags in Congress year after year because they deliver the pork and give us the entitlements we so love and can't seem to turn down.

Time for a Diet
America has grown fat, stupid and lazy. Our kids expect too many things that they should actually be working for and lack pride in work they do perform. No wonder we have corrupt politicians. It's our own fault.

America needs to pull in the over-spending and unrealistic borrowing. It's time to feel the pain of our mistakes. We are ready, but the Good-Old-Boys in the government are not ready. They have had it too good for too long (both parties) and don't want to change the rules of the game. It's too much fun for them - AT OUR EXPENSE.

Action To Take
Wake Up! America is at the brink of disaster! It's time for Americans to become active in politics. Hold your representatives accountable. Make them know you are watching them. Let them know how you feel and how you want them to vote. Tell them to CUT SPENDING AND STOP BORROWING.

Vote them out of office if they don't.

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