Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Media Influence Pays Off

Money Talks
Billionaire George Soros has "invested" over $48 million dollars in over 30 news and media organizations. His money promotes the Progressive/Socialist causes. He believes in controlling the message you receive. He wants to influence your reported "news." So far, Soros has been successful.

A Few of His Recipients
Here is a brief listing of a few of the Soros funded organizations:
  • The Center for American Progress - This is run by John Podesta and his Communist buddy Van Jones (Obama's ex-Green Czar).

  • The Center for Public Interest - A spin off of Podesta's organization.

  • Center for Investigative Reporting - They are trying to get government funding (billions) to promote the Progressive message.

  • ABC News anchor Christine Amapour - She runs the political affairs program and sits as a board director on a Soros funded organization.

  • Sandler Foundation - Filters Soros money to various news organizations.

  • Media Matters - A Progressive anti-conservative organization promoting anti-conservative initiatives and ideas.

  • Free Press - Receives $35 Billion from Soros and distributes it to NPR and other Left-Wing organizations.

Note: The names of these organizations all sound so nice and harmless, but they are promoting bad things for the American way of life.


George Soros is anti-American and wants to destroy America as we know it. He is buying his way into the Internet and media so he can deliver HIS Socialist influence and message of anti-capitalism. He has helped in the governmental overthrow in at least two other countries. Now it's time to focus on America. Watch this man closely, he is no friend to liberty and freedom.

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