Thursday, June 9, 2011

Obama - The War Monger

Another Covert UNAUTHORIZED War
The Obama administration has kept a closely guarded secret: We are at WAR in YEMEN! That's right - at WAR! The extent of the growing war in Yemen is one of Obama's closely guarded secrets from the American public. American unilateral operations have been ongoing there since Obama took office in 2009 as reported in the New York Times!

Where's The DEM's Outrage?
Strange, but after the NYT reported these facts the Democratic Party remains extremely QUIET. (They are the ones who vociferously protested when Bush began the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan). Now they remain silent. Why is this? The anti-war protesters have nothing to say about a President who declares war on two countries without ANY Congressional approvals. Doesn't this seem to be rather inconsistent? Where is their outrage? Why hasn't ANYONE in Congress challenged Obama on these ILLEGAL ACTIONS? Are they all cowards or just fools?

How Many Wars Can We Fight?
Why is Obama fighting 4 wars at the same time? How can he decide who to fight, when to fight, and how to fight, without a Congressional Declaration of war? Isn't this a direct violation of the law of the land? Does anyone care? Has Obama overstepped his authority? Why? Shouldn't he offer an explanation to the America public? How's he paying for these wars? What are their purposes? What is the overall strategy to WIN? Was the USA threatened by these countries? Why are so many wars in different places being fought at the same time? What are their objectives? Who authorized them? Is Obama expressively and deliberately trying to weaken America by involving us in so many wars at the same time? Is he trying to destabilize the Middle East? To what end? We need some explanations!

Action To Take
Notify your Congressional representatives and tell them to get off their fannies and start demanding some explanations. Also tell them that at least 2 of the current wars are ILLEGAL and demand that they stop them without Congressional approvals. It's time to stop watching and take action.

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