Wednesday, June 8, 2011

UN Targets YOUR Gun Rights

The Latest Attacks Against Freedom
What a surprise! The latest attempts to rid you of any right to own and posses a firearm is coming from the United Nations! It goes without saying that the UN does NOT approve of YOUR Second Amendment rights. So they are pursuing a new idea to steal your freedoms. It's called a "treaty."

Still Under Wraps
The UN has been busy working to compose a new world-wide treaty that would nullify your gun rights here in America if approved by the US Senate. The new "treaty" would require the following:

  • Confiscate and destroy all "Unauthorized" civilian firearms. This excludes all government firearms but you can be sure that the "Unauthorized" guns will include all guns. In effect, a total gun ban!

  • The enactment of tougher gun licensing requirements to create additional red tape to gun ownership making it next to impossible to get one.

  • The creation of an International Gun Registry. This is step one for a full scale confiscation of all firearms from US citizens - as well as world-wide citizenry

  • The negation of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights causing the loss of national sovereignty. This would give the Federal government more powers and they would be able to assert preemptive powers over the states.

This is NO Joke
This plan is real and is being developed as you read this blog. Also believe that this plan has STRONG support from the Obama Administration! Hilliary Clinton has already pledged to try and get full support from the United States Senate! This "Treaty" is really nothing more than domestic forearms control here in the USA! It is called the UN Arms Treaty Resolution.

Action To Take
Contact your US Senators and strongly voice your opposition to such a treaty. Tell them it gives up too many freedoms and destroys US Sovereignty.

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