Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guest Article - We're Now Terrorists

Confessions of a Tea Party Terrorist
by Matt Patterson of

"Well, apparently I’m a terrorist. At least according to the definition of a wide number of Congressmen, reporters, television personalities, and even – so it’s reported – the Vice President of the United States himself.

What did I do to earn this appellation? Insist that the government live within its means and support politicians who believe likewise. That’s it.

And for this, I am labeled – by officials of the United States government, no less – a terrorist.

Every dictionary I have consulted within the past 24 hours has defined terrorism as the use of “force” or “violence” to achieve political ends. Nowhere have I seen terrorism defined as “the peaceful negotiation of budgetary issues through lawfully elected representatives.” But there you go. Liberals have never met a definition they wouldn’t defile; never met a word they wouldn’t distort to suit their own twisted ends.

Actual terrorism? Understandable reactions to the racist imperialism of the warmongering West. Insisting that the government not spend more than it takes in? Unforgivable criminality. Welcome to Liberal Land; watch your step coming through that looking glass.

What’s really happening here, and I hope it is sinking in out there in the heartland, is that the government of the United States is declaring one half of the population criminal. Not just wrong. Not just misinformed. Criminal. After all, isn’t that what terrorists are? Enemies of the state? It hardly needs saying that this is always the first step toward outlawing beliefs or parties by tyrannical regimes – declaring them criminal.

The sad irony is that some of the cuts necessary for these politicians to reach the deal and declare victory have come at the expense of the Defense Department, all but ensuring that sometime soon an actual terrorist will slip through the cracks and do what actual, old-school terrorists do – kill people.

And you can bet that when that happens, these same sanctimonious liberals will fall all over themselves forgiving them."

What This Shows
This article shows that the Left does not - and never relies on logic or proof. They are always more concerned with the "touchy-feely-do good things." When they think they have lost an argument, they begin to name call and make unfounded allegations. If you lie often enough, people begin to think that it's the truth. That's their strategy here. They have no proof. They just accuse the Tea Party of being Terrorists! - even our Vice President!

Don't be fooled by their actions. And for God's sake, don't re-elect them again!

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