Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Step Closer to Greece

Which Is Worse?
Death by firing squad or death by drowning? They both have the same results! So is it better to insist that the government stop spending immediately by 40% or is it better to raise the debt ceiling another $2.4 Trillion and stall making any decisions? The result is the same! DEATH of America! In this case, the problem gets pushed out a little longer, but in the end things will be disastrous.

Congress is Cheering
Congressional leaders (John Boehner and Mitch McConnell) are happy with the results of their "compromise." How ironic. Apparently we have all forgotten that President Obama originally proposed a budget back in February for a whopping $1.5 Trillion dollars. Even his own political party rejected it because it borrowed too much money.

Today we have worked-out a "compromise" bill that increases borrowing by $2.4 Trillion and this saves America! Does that make any sense to anyone? If it was unsustainable to borrow and spend $1.5 Trillion dollars last February, how can borrowing and spending $2.4 Trillion dollars be better in August? This is pure NONSENSE! It also shows that we seriously have IDIOTS representing the American people in Congress. AND, only 66 Republicans opposed it.

The apparent theme song for the GOP and the DEMs is "Kick-The-Can." By postponing the debt problem until after the November elections, the American citizens will have forgotten the CRAP that Congress has just put us through. Yes, it will be business as usual in Washington. We saved Granny's Medicare and Social Security at the expense of our MILITARY! (The new "Debt Commission" will make the cuts as required). We know how effective government commissions are and how effective they will be. This is a travesty on the American people!

Who To Blame
Now the DEMs are calling the Tea Party Movement "Terrorists." Why? Because they wore-out calling us "racists" to the point that no one believes that any more. SO the Progressives have coined a new name to bad-mouth the Tea Party. It was the Tea Party that cause all this distention in the first place. They made such unreasonable demands on the system. Imagine this: The Tea Party wants smaller government. They want a balanced budget amendment. They want government to cut entitlement spending. Wow, these are really RADICAL ideas! Incidentally, these ideas don't promote the killing of anyone like terrorists do! - nor do they advocate it!

So Where Are We Now?
Obama is so happy he is peeing his pants! He got the GOP to raise the debt ceiling in the world's largest increase in the history of the USA! This is INSANE. The problem isn't 10 years from now. It's TODAY! We needed to make a stand today to cut spending and stop borrowing. Our "leaders" have failed at their jobs. Do NOT re-elect them into office. They are dismal FAILURES and have pushed America further into the abyss.

We cannot keep this up. We are becoming Greece and Washington doesn't care!

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