Friday, August 5, 2011

Just Shut Up!

Talk to the Hand...
If you don't agree with me, then just SHUT UP! These are the sentiments of Senator John Kerry (D, MA). He stated on national TV that he believes that it's the media's "Responsibility" not to give the Tea Party equal time on the air.

Wow, and we almost elected this man to the Presidency!

1st Amendment
Free Speech? What's that? Apparently when Kerry took office and swore his oath to protect the US Constitution, he didn't READ the First Amendment. This alone should give just cause for the existence for the un-regulated Internet! Without it, having it Kerry's way, we wouldn't even know that there is a Tea Party.

John Kerry speaks like a true Progressive. HE knows what's good for you. You're too stupid to get it! This really shows his true colors - and they are more RED than white and blue! He apparently reads too much of Media Matters to even know there is ANOTHER perspective.

Senator Kerry, you're DISGUSTING and don't belong in the United States Senate!

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