Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Time To Prepare America

Sold Down The River
The "Leaders" in Washington are making a deal to destroy America as you know it. Boehner's latest bill cuts a whopping $7 Billion dollars this year.

HEAR THIS: That's less than we currently borrow in 2 DAYS! This is the best that John Boehner can do - cut two days of borrowing?

All this while Obama and the DEMs want to increase this year's spending (and borrowing) by another $2 TRILLION dollars. Boehner's "deal" also lets a committee of 6 DEMs and 6 GOPs cut military spending at their discretion. The bill makes no significant spending cuts in discretionary spending until 2014. This commission also will have power to "enhance revenues". (That's a nice way of saying RAISE YOUR TAXES!) History shows that Congress doesn't follow its own rules! You already know they will take full advantage of this new legislation whenever they want to.

Meanwhile, the people who have the power to down-grade our credit ratings (Standard AND Poors and Moody) are still NOT convinced that we mean business in lowering our deficit. Gee, do you wonder why?

A Clear Message
The media is complicit with the corruption in Washington. It's all built on lies and we cannot trust the media's message any longer. They portray the fiasco as a wonderful solution in a timely way.

Regardless of the outcome in the next day or so by the Washington idiots, the dollar will be down-graded and America will loose its AAA bond rating. America, this means that we are headed for even harder times - maybe even another Great Depression. Read that again. We are headed for even HARDER times than we are in right now.

As of last Friday, the latest report on the GDP (Gross Domestic Product = totals of goods and services produced in the USA) indicated that we are deeply in a 2nd recession. Alias = the "double dip recession."

It's time to wake up.

Be a Patriot - Not A Looser
We have no control of the outcome in Washington or the down-grading of our credit ratings. What we do know is that it's coming. So what can you do?

Live within your means. Have an ample food supply. Pay off your debts. Try and be beholden to no one. Be ready and able to help those who will need help. And most important - pray! The American people will save this Republic - NOT the Clowns in Washington!

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