Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Everything's Comin' Up Roses

Obama's Approval Ratings Are Up
Hey, it's an election year and Obama's approval numbers are going up. Why? Obama says that "Things are getting better..." and that translates into more Americans being fooled that Obama is doing a good job. According to Obama, our unemployment numbers are going down. Wow, that's good news! If only it was true.

Only One Problem...
The liar-in-chief is WRONG about our economy and he knows it. He spins positive messages about unemployment and the economy every chance he gets - to keep those approval numbers climbing.

However, it's not getting any better. In fact, it's getting worse and Obama knows it! According to the most recent Gallop poll, our unemployment is going up to 9%! So who do you believe? The guy who's trying to get re-elected, or a non-partisan polling group?

The Gallop survey also found that "underemployment" (people working part-time because full-time jobs are not available), went up over 19%! You read right - 19%! Gallop reported that this reflects a continuing weakness in the labor markets causing a "sharp deterioriation" in job conditions.

Look At Gasoline Prices
Gasoline prices are at an all time high for this time of the year. Why is this? Three reasons: Oil companies, OPEC, and Obama.

Oil companies: They import raw unrefined oil into the United States. Then they refine it into jet fuel, home heating oil, and gasoline. Since Americans have cut back 10% on their driving, and our winter has been warmer than usual, they have an abundance of oil and gasoline. What to do? Sell it to the world market at high prices and raise the prices locally here in America. Gouge Americans as well as the world! So oil companies are exporting our gasoline and oil products keeping profits sky high while screwing Americans! (And, Obama ignores "regulating" them for the greated good).

OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Companies) controls the world's largest oil supplies. They keep raising the price per barrel of oil. It just went up $1.62 per barrel yesterday!! Obama won't talk to these people because high gasoline prices will cause people to switch to Green Energy instead. OPEC can make or break the world's economy because they control the oil.

President Obama: Obama does NOT like oil, natural gas, or coal. He's wants "Green" energy to rule. He killed the Keystone pipeline deal with Canada. So now the Canadians are selling their oil to China instead. Obama closed offshore drilling and then gave BILLIONS to Brazil's Petrobras so they could drill offshore and inturn sell their oil to us. We have oil and natural gas resources that Obama refuses to allow to be developed.

Obama has closed or blocked most opportunities for the development of any new sources of fossil fuels because they don't fit into his Green Energy Plan. What he can't block, he "regulates" like coal. His new regulations just closed 13 coal-fired electric plants here in the USA this year! All these things cause gasoline and energy prices to skyrocket.

What's worse is the Obama does NOT give a care about YOU!

Action To Take
Get the message yet? Take the hint and do NOT re-elect this man. We need to develop offshore drilling and our natural resources - including Green Energy so we can become self-sufficient! Obama wants to see high energy prices!!!

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