Sunday, February 19, 2012

Food Nazis in Action

What the Hell Is FLOTUS?
First, let's look at the main stream media's newly made-up acronym ("FLOTUS") that the MSM (Main Stream Media) is using to describe the First Lady of the United States. Where did that come from? It's bad enough that they coined the term "POTUS" (President of the United States) out of thin air. AND, the MSM also invented the use of "SOTUA" for the State of the Union Address. CRAZY? no, just stupid! Anyhow, you get the point.

FLOTUS In Charge
When Obama (POTUS) got elected we didn't realize that besides his 33 CZARS, that we would also be getting a bonus FLOTUS to be in charge of our eating habits. By that we mean "MO" or Michelle Obama. She has assumed the roll of Food Nazi.

A "Food Nazi" is someone who believes that they are the dictator in charge of everyone's eating habits in the entire planet. We don't know why MO believes that she is the supreme high exalted dictator in charge of eating, we just know that she "thinks" she is in charge because of her actions. She has invented a self-anointed position of Food Nazi of the USA. (or FNOTA - pronounced "fa-not ah"). Perhaps MO thinks that we elected her to this new position that she herself created, for herself, by herself. Actually, her actions are quite similar to her husband POTUS who invented 33 new CZAR positions without the aid of Congress. They think that they are in charge of regulating US citizens under Big Government control to fundamentally create a Brave New World under POTUS.

Trade Agreement
Our new FLOTUS (alias MO), has just signed a trade agreement (kind of a food treaty) with the MARS Candy Corporation. She also did so without the consent of Congress. Oh well.

MARS promises in this agreement (Treaty - called "Partnership for a Healthier America") to STOP selling chocolate products with more than 250 calories per candy bar. (Don't you just love those big government names for treaties and agreements?) This is is alliance with FLOTUS means that Big Snickers and TWIX bars will soon disappear off of the grocer's shelves (just like light bulbs did) and that new smaller candy bars are coming.

What the American Public Thinks
When this was posted on Andrew Breitbarts website, there were plenty of comments by fellow Americans. Here are several direct quotes:
  • "Add candy bar police to the lunch bag police."

  • "Oh my god. You can just buy two candy bars! Are they gonna put a limit on that?!!! ANSWER ME YOU FAT COMMIE COW!!!!"

  • "So what? If you've noticed, the candy sizes and chip bag sizes and soda bottle sizes have been shrinking anyway because manufacturers want to keep prices "low", and they do this by selling less product, thereby not "raising" prices.

    The dollar is devalued, so the cost of everything rises.
    The bottom-heavy FLOTUS doesn't really have that much to do with these changes, but her "healthy eating" crap is a handy excuse."

  • "She must be under the impression that this will reduce the size of her backside."

  • "That's the problem...this fat ugly woman can't lose the weight she desperately needs everyone else has to suffer because she has no willpower!!!! geeeeeez!"

  • "I'm not buying any candy from Mars until they tell the Mooch to eff off. "

  • "Until this walking-talking symbol of hypocritical affirmative-action "entitlement" can scale down her own appetites, maybe Michelle Antoinette should just keep her fat mouth shut. A tall order indeed for these White House occupiers. "

  • "Who the hell does this SPONGE think she is? "

  • "Shrink the size of the candy and keep the price the same. Anyone else notice the fund raising candy bar ad in the sidebar? Sure gonna be a small fundraising effort with miniature candy bars."

  • "I'd stock up, but my basement's already full of incandescent bulbs. "

  • "Boo! Nanny idiot Michelle, guess what? People will just buy TWO of them now. Socialists are idiots by nature! Or idiots become socialists by nature, not sure which."

  • "What's to stop someone from eating as many chocolate bars as they want. calories per package is irrelevant when it comes to consumption. The stupidity from the white house continues. "

  • "No one wants this mother hen clucking about better and healthier eating habits when she eats like a hobo on fat cakes and ribs."

  • "Won't buy Mars/M&Ms anymore! "

  • "S---w you, Michelle. You, too, Mars. This is getting more ridiculous by the day. The government is literally trying to control everything we eat. F*** liberalism"

  • "I'd like to ship her and hubby to MARS!!! oh never mind barry's dismantled NASA, my bad. "

  • "According to a report in the Daily Rash, Obama chastised the First Lady over her unsightly panty lines. Apparently she wants to shed a few pounds off the derriere and thinks everyone else should be forced to also."

  • "Should she start by reducing her own fat ass? Oh and then the big ass she is married to? Unreal. Hey this is great 4 more years, otherwise, we are all racists.....unbelievable. "

The Verdict Is In
The message is clear isn't it? We cannot survive four more years of this kind of crap! We cannot re-elect Obama because he and FOTUS will destroy America as we know it!

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