Friday, February 24, 2012

More MSM Jargon

Coining New Words
Besides being in the bag for President Obama, the main stream media (MSM) does one thing well. It makes up new words and Acronyms better than anyone else. To show you what we mean here are several recent examples:

  • POTUS-President of the United States

  • FLOTUS-First Lady of the United States

  • OTUS-Of the United States

  • SOTU-State of the union (speech)

  • SCOUTUS-Supreme Court of the United States

  • ObamaCare-Government controlled health care
Pretty impressive. One thing. None of the above is a real word. They're made-up acronyms or words. The MSM (that's our example of a new word or acronym) invented them all.

If They Can Do It...
So if the MSM can do it, then why can't we all do it? It would enrich our language immensely. Here are a few ideas for consideration:
  • "MO"-Michelle Obama.

  • MO also has another nickname. It's "FA." You figure that one out for yourself. Hint: Think of food...

  • "Barry"-Short for Barry Soetoro - POTUS's REAL name. It's kind of like his Social Security number which originated in Connecticut, but Barry NEVER lived there. Also, there is no official records of Barry ever officially changing his name to Barack Hussein Obama. Go figure? That's why we like "Barry" best.

  • "O-BLAME-O"-Obama's nickname used because he NEVER takes any responsibility for HIS actions.

  • "O-BOW-O"-Another nickname because Obama is always Kow-towing to foreign dignitaries.

  • O-GREEN-O-Used for POTUS to emphasize his deep prejudice against fossil fuels.

  • El-LAME-O-Used to describe the worst President in the History of the USA.

New Glossary
If the MSM is going to keep making things up the least they could do is provide a glossary of terms so we can all understand their propaganda better.

What do you think?

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