Monday, May 21, 2012

Corrupt Media Strikes Again

Double Standards Are Blatant
When John Kerry was running for President, there were no issues raised or anything flagged about his wealth or how he got it. There was also no mention of his religion. Kerry became a very wealthy man when he married into the Heinz ketchup family. He didn't earn his wealth, he married into it. And he is now loaded! Kerry is a true "1 Percenter!"

History Repeats Itself
Now we have a President who has had a 3 1/2 year record of dismal economic policies that have failed and caused tremendous unemployment and job losses. Obama's regulatory policies have caused record gasoline prices, high food costs, and skyrocketing energy prices. he needs to change the focus from his record to something else.

Since Obama can't run on his record, Obama has switched to an old proven method to get re-elected. He is deliberately trying to divide and split the population into diverse factions. In so doing, the axiom is to divide and conquer. It worked well for FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) under similar circumstances when he ran for re-election in 1934. The country was still in a depression and his policies hadn't worked. Unemployment was still at 16% and he needed a plan to get people to forget the bad results. So FDR used class warfare as his political strategy and it won him another term in the White House. FDR won four terms in office!

Obama is doing the exact same thing. He's copying FDR's plan book and trying to split America.

The Corrupt Media is Complacent
The Corrupt Media is guilty of aiding and abetting Obama in his re-election. They have played their hand and shown their prejudice. Learn from it.

They have focused negative attention towards Romney because he is a wealthy man (although Kerry is even higher-up on the food chain). They are helping Obama promote his class warfare campaign against his opponent (Romney). This is blatant, and despicable. It's all there for anyone with a brain to see.

The Corrupt Media even takes it one step further by including negative discussions about Candidate Romney's Mormon religion. Recall that the Corrupt Media labels ANYONE who discusses Obama Religion as racists. They ignored that Obama was taught the Koran as a child and that he spent 20 years in Reverend Wright's church. However, they have blasted Romney and the Mormon religion in several ways.

Open Your Eyes
Be objective and recognize that we are all being manipulated by the Corrupt Media. You cannot trust their message because it contains prejudicial details with the intention to sway you to re-elect their guy! Tell family and friends that the Corrupt Media cannot be trusted.

Don't be fooled or brainwashed any longer.

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