Saturday, May 26, 2012

Global Governance

Well Kept Secret
The United Nations is busy trying to take over our lives with the idea of "Global Governance" and the unspoken "New World Order." Every chance they get, the UN is there trying to STEAL our freedoms or liberties away from us for the "Greater Good." That's BS and we won't tolerate it!

Ironic that you probably were not aware of their latest initiative. The Corrupt Media doesn't seem to be too interested in reporting anything that has to do with YOUR freedoms or YOUR sovereignty being stolen. Just like they forgot to mention the 43 lawsuits filed last week against the Obama administration for attacking religious freedoms!

Hearings Next Week
The House of Representatives is going to have public hearings on the UN's proposal for taking control of "regulating the Internet." Their latest proposal would give the UN's International Telecommunications Union (ITU) major control over the governance of the Internet. Goodbye free speech! Hey, where's Al Gore when you need him? Isn't he the one who claimed that HE invented the Internet, or was that Liz Warren? Oh no, she's the FAKE Native American (1/32 Cherokee lady). Sorry, Al!

What do you think about the idea? Do you like the idea of letting the United Nations control the Internet? Our government is actually considering giving-up their controls and OUR freedoms to the United Nations. This is all for the "Greater Good" of the world population.

QUESTION: Since when does the United States bow-down to the United Nations and listen to what THEY tell us to do? We are a sovereign nation, or at least we were the last time we looked. We make our own decisions about what we do or don't do. Our good buddies China, Russia, Brazil, and India are all in support of this idea and they are pushing this agenda too. Well, it's nice to know who your friends are!

Action To Take
Unless you will like living in a gulag, you'd better listen up! Tell your Representatives that this is not only a BAD IDEA, but that you are PISSED that they are even considering it. Remind them that you will be voting in November.

While you're at it, tell your US Senators to SCRAP the "Law of the Sea Treaty" because we don't want the United Nations telling us which sea lanes are open and which are not. Not to mention, we don't like the idea of the United Nations taxing OUR offshore oil rigs so they can give that money to their friends and other MARXIST nations!

Isn't it time you wake up America? You don't even recognize Communism when it stares you in the face!! That's pathetic!

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