Sunday, May 20, 2012

Now THAT'S News!

Arizona Needs Valid Proof
Here's a story that the Corrupt Media doesn't want to report. The Secretary of State in Arizona is asking Hawaii to "validate" Obama's birth certificate. To date, the state of Hawaii has not provided this information and claims that they cannot. If they continue to refuse, then Arizona will remove Obama's name off of the Presidential ballot in November. It's a known fact that Obama has spent several million defending and protecting his claim of US citizenship. He finally produced a certificate of birth a short time ago. This is NOT a valid birth certificate.

Will this action prompt Obama's (liar Attorney General - Eric Holder) to sue the state of Arizona yet another time? We hope so! It may prompt other so-called "Red States" to follow suit and demand the same.

Twist of Fate
Isn't it ironic that the state of Arizona suddenly has the nerve to do such a thing. They are actually challenging President Obama's credentials for the high office. Why would Arizona do this? Could it have anything to do that Obama has attacked the state of Arizona repeatedly over the last three years? What do you think?

It gives one pause to wonder what would happen if several other states did the same thing.

This challenge might clear-up the case of why Obama nominated Elana Kagan to the Supreme Court because she worked in HIS favor while serving as Solicitor General. She helped dismiss all the suits filed against him regarding his citizenship. Then after he was elected, Obama nominated her for the Supreme Court job opening. Coincidence? FAT CHANCE! More like payback! (If in doubt, search the Supreme Court docket files for Obama and Kagan).

More Suits?
So will there be more challenges from various states across America? Do they have legitimate grounds to make this challenge? Will the truth ever come out?

Only time will tell. No one has a crystal ball that can predict Obama's future. One thing for sure, this is an ironic twist of fate directed towards President Obama. We think HE DESERVES IT! What goes around, comes around!

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