Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Law of The Sea Treaty

Giveaway of US Sovereignty
We need to KILL this treaty. Obama wants it passed. He and Hillary Clinton have been working with the United Nations to give-up American sovereignty. John Kerry (D, MA) is leading the charge, and so are: Dick Lugar (RINO & Lame and Lame Duck),  and John McCain (AZ RINO) is also supporting it!

Right now the US enforces open sea lanes across the globe. This treaty strips us from these powers. Instead, it gives these powers to a UN tribunal! They will decide which sea lanes will be open and which shall not!

In addition, this treaty gives away 1/2 of our revenues from all offshore drilling to the United Nations so they can give it away to counties of their choice!

Treaties can only be nullified by a constitutional amendment. We CANNOT allow this to pass!

We need a majority in the US Senate to stop this treaty! You need to tell your family and friends that this is BAD for the United States. You need to ask these people to sign the following petition and get their friends and neighbors to do so also.

Sign the petition to stop the treaty that gives-up Our sovereignty:


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