Saturday, June 9, 2012

What's Agenda 21?

Global Sustainable Development
This is a two decade old idea that is strongly being pushed by George Soros and the United Nations. If those two things don't raise a read flag, then you are being too naive! Neither of these sources have YOUR best interests at heart. It sounds good and has a nice title. However, when you look at the details you soon discover that this is a plan for establishing a World Government. No BULL!

Here's what the Global Sustainable Development plan is all about. It's about global Social Justice. It places the following at risk:

Ownership of all private property
  1. Single family homes
  2. Private car ownership
  3. Privately owned farms

Un's Thoughts
Agenda 21 targets private property. The UN has always had big issues with private individuals owning their own land. They do not believe that land can be treated as an ordinary asset. It shouldn't be controlled by individuals and subject to marklet influences and market pressures. Land or property ownership is a concentration of wealth. That's a social injustice! This becomes a major problem in the implememtation of BIG Government schemes. Individuals are not interested in the good of society as a whole. They need less power and less control over land.

The government has to "create" plans for "open spaces" which are for the greater good. Local governments should start zoning to take lands away from private ownership. They should create "green communities" or other nebulous places for government ownership. They should encourage the concepts of government owned "Reverse Mortgages" so that offspring of the elderly do NOT inherit their parents properties. (The government buys property from the elderly while allowing them to reside in their homes). The UN wants to create a group of "sustainabilists" that will control property world-wide.

Things to Remember
The United Nations has no authority to become involved in this matter whatsoever. They also have NO enforcement capability either! The united nations have no business in local community affairs-period!

There is a petition to halt this global take-over of private property. Please Sign it!


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