Friday, June 8, 2012

NDAA Challenged - Finally!

No Indefinite Detention
A federal judge has ruled that the government cannot hold ANY American citizen indefinitely as outlined in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed by your Congress last month. Any American can be jailed without an attorney, for as long as the government wants! Finally, it took a JUDGE to see that this was wrong! Think about that for a minute.

If the government just "thinks" (not can prove-just makes allegations) that you are a "terrorist", they can arrest and hold you for as long as they want. Do you see ANYTHING WRONG with this legislation? According to the LIAR Barack Hussein Obama, he says that he would never use this against American citizens. Do you believe a LIAR? If you do then a promise is a wish to a fool!

By the way, Obama is a proven LIAR. A new book (Radical In Chief by Stanley Kurtz) shows valid proof that Obama lied about his political affiliations before the 2008 elections. He was a member of the Socialist New Party - a HARD LEFT EXTREMIST group wanting to destroy America's Capitalistic system. And we elected this MARXIST as our President!

More Troubling
It's a good thing that a federal judge has the guts to recognize when a law is unconstitutional. What's bad is the fact that YOUR CONGRESS passed this law in the first place! They couldn't see the possibility that any president of the US could abuse these powers at his/her own digression. Is Congress THAT stupid? The same holds true for the "Patriot Act" which is a play on words. There is NO patriotism involved in the STEALING OF YOUR PERSONAL LIBERTIES granted in that act. Both laws were passed under the guise of protecting YOU from our enemies. However, our REAL enemies are the ones in our CONGRESS!

Again, YOUR CONGRESS not only passed that law under Bush, but they renewed it (with more even stronger government powers) under Obama's regime.

Don't you find this a bit troubling? Do you even care? You should!

Dissolving Liberties
Your Congress is slowly dismantling the Constitution and your personal freedoms with these "laws" that destroy your freedoms. What about their oath to defend the Constitution? Why do you continue to put up with this? Do you even know what's in the Constitution? Do you even care? Are you even paying ANY attention to the big picture? Why do you keep voting for the same people who continually STEAL your freedoms away from you and your family? Why? Where's your personal outrage? Worse yet, do you even vote?

Americans don't recognize their enemies when they stare them in the face. That's SCARY! Young people can't discern the face of Communism, Marxism, or totalitarianism because they have never learned about it first hand. They have never fought it or had to deal with it. That's why so many are fooled into believing people like Van Jones (self-proclaimed Communist) as being someone of integrity. The Occupy Wall Street gang is not your friend either! They too want to destroy your way of life. These people are evil and do not look out for you. They want to fundamentally transform America into THEIR vision of America - just like Obama!

America better wake-up before there is no turning back. Stop listening to the "spin" and start recognizing what's going in here in the country! You have to become freedom's watchdog.

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