Monday, July 30, 2012

There IS Class Warfare

Obama's Right
We hate to admit it, but Obama is right about some people NOT paying their fair share. We are becoming a nation of freeloaders and deadbeats who rely on the government for everything. Here in the United States only half of its citizens are now paying ANY federal incline taxes. Let's face it, that's just not fair now is it?

Obama Preaches the Wrong Message
Our POTUS is out there stumping for re-election and claiming that the rich don't pay their fair share. That's class warfare. Well, he's got it half-right. There are some who are not doing their part at all. It's NOT the rich who aren't paying - it's the 49.5% that pay NOTHING to the federal government.

Valid Questions
Why is this? Why are half of all Americans excused from the "privilege" of paying taxes? This is certainly not fair to those who do pay taxes. Why should the rest of us feel that this is fair or equitable?

So what IS fair share anyway? What's not fair share? Is to OK for only the rich to pay taxes? This is the direction that we are heading.

How does the government decide which group you're in? Who makes that decision? Someone wrote the tax codes.

Democrats argue that fairness (when it comes to taxes) is based on a progressive tax structure. The more you earn, the more you pay. But is that fair? This assumes that everyone is paying something. However, in reality, they're not.

This inconsistency is NEVER pointed-out. Why not? Shouldn't everyone be expected to contribute SOMETHING in the form of taxes. "What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander." But the Democrats don't play the game that way. Why not?

The REAL Classes
There IS class warfare and Obama is creating it. He's pitting Americans against other Americans and we are letting him do it. That's just not right. Obama is saying that the rich are the bad guys but ignores those of us who are honest and paying our taxes without complaining. Why should we (and the rich) be singled-out as the ones who only pay for the government spending. That just doesn't make any sense. The Progressives can't justify it either. It also goes against the idea that everyone should be treated the same.

What Obama and Progressives have done with their so-called "progressive tax structure" is to create a group who has the total burden of paying the government and another group who get a free ride. What's honest about that? This is totally inequitable, dishonest, and certainly not nonpartisan. It creates two distinct classes in society. Where in the HELL is this coming from?

Why is the POTUS and Progressives dividing the country like this? Simple: Obama cannot run on his 4 year record so he deflects your attention away from him towards someone or something else. He's an expert at dodging and blaming. We have seen this over and over.

Action To Take
Tell the White House to stop the propaganda about "Fair Share" and demand a Fair Tax or a FLAT TAX that everyone pays along with eliminating the current "Progressive tax" with all it's exemptions and special treatments. Insist that everyone pay some taxes. Place the burden fairly on the population instead of dividing people and putting them against each other. That approach is Un-American.

While you're at it, have diner out at Chick-Fil-A tonight.

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