Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Green Initiative

Nationalizing The Auto Industry
Remember when President Obama "saved" the car companies? We do. He didn't save them, he took control over them. That's called nationalizing. When the government becomes the new owner of something that's un-American. He's proud of that take-over because he also gave a large controlling share of GM (General Motors) to the AFL-CIO.

Why is this so important? Well, his take-over was ILLEGAL by not allowing the car companies to formally go through bankruptcy. That act alone bailed-out the unions. I addition, he screwed shareholders by putting them on the bottom of the list and by giving new ownership to the unions.

Yes, but this saved American jobs. Humm… sort of. What you may forget is that Obama began pushing the Chevy volt and "Green Energy." The Volt is a disaster. It's the car that catches fire while parked in your garage! (Talk about Total Recall!).

Disastrous Facts
Starting soon, GM will be outsourcing several GM cars in China - including the Volt. SO what jobs did THAT save? The Corrupt Media really doesn't stress that fact. No, instead, they help push Obama's plan for more Green Energy projects. Forget that the BILLIONS he has thrown away in failed solar companies and now dangerous cars.

Obama is currently bragging about GM's success. Oh really? Apparently he doesn't follow Wall Street. GM stock is slipping and collapsing as we speak. They have also announced lay offs. That does not sound like success. He's lying to Americans once again!

Obama's Goal for America
When Obama speaks, you can't believe him. He's a first class liar. Here is a picture that details Obama's ideal for American transportation in the next 10 years.

Vote this Marxist out in November. We can't take four more years of his destructive policies and extreme regulations.

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