Thursday, August 2, 2012

Early Voting

What's the Difference?
What the difference between "Early Voting" and voting an "Absentee ballot"? Nothing! Either way, these ballots are treated the same. They are only counted last (if counted at all). You heard right. Early ballots are treated exactly as an absentee ballot. They are only counted after all ballots have been recorded. They take a low priority in the counting procedure.

Electronic Voting Machines
Did you know that in the 2008 elections that 35 states used voting machines that were not officially certified to be used? Are they now? Who knows for sure but one thing; They can be hacked. Ever notice how these machines are set up just before you vote? Precinct workers plug-in a memory card to record your results.

It you have dishonest precinct workers they can easily contribute to voter fraud. They could substitute memory cards for the candidate of their choice. Look what happened when AL Frankton won up north. Besides having dead voters cast ballots,  precinct workers found over 300 ballots in the trunk of their car. What the HELL were they doing there in the first place?

Why Make It Easier?
Instead of allowing the possibility of voter fraud, you should only vote ON election day. That way, your vote WILL be tallied. Also there is closer vigilance towards security. You won't have to worry about your "Early Vote" ending up in someone's trunk. AND, when you vote, pay attention to the precinct workers. Watch them closely and report ANY irregular activities to the local authorities immediately!

Tell friends and family NOT to vote early because it may NEVER get counted!

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