Friday, August 3, 2012

Obama CZAR Jumps Ship

Regulator CZAR Leaving
Hey, this is great news for Americans! Obama is loosing his Regulator CZAR, Cass Sustein. Recall, that Sustein is the guy who wrote "Nudge" - a book on how to change people's behavior (by destroying your personal freedoms) and regulating them a little at a time. Incidentally, this is NOT recommended reading - unless you want to "fundamentally change America" and its entire value system and traditions. Here's what the traitor of freedom and the face of evil looks like:

He looks innocent enough, but you can blame him for Obama's abundant series of Big Government regulations streaming from the FAA, FCC, and the EPA during this administration. (Never judge a book by its cover). In affect, Sustein is the architect for the regulations that enforce the closing of our coal plants, government control over the Internet, and other such trivial matters. He has helped the economy tank and he is proud of his accomplishments - just like Obama.

The Rat Jumps Ship
Isn't it true that the rats always jump ship before it sinks? Could it be that by Cass Sustein leaving he is predicting the failure of his leader to get re-elected? Gee, we are all sorry to see Mr. Sustein leave such a great job that has influenced all of our lives surreptitiously. The only person he reported to is Mr. "You didn't build that." We live and feel the results of Sustein's regulations every day of our lives. We can thank him for our higher energy costs and wondrous new banking regulations, and lack of drilling for our natural resources. Darn, we're gonna miss him!

Unfortunately, he still will promote his totalitarian ways in his old job - teaching back at Harvard University. The good news is that he will be performing his destructive behavior on a much smaller scale then he did over the last four years. Look-out Harvard students, you are about to be brainwashed again!

A Day To Celebrate
This should be a national day of celebration! This man has done more to harm you than you will ever know. Now he's gone. Thanks for this blessing for America!

Perhaps he will now have more time to devote to writing another perverse book to satisfy his Marxist friends in their quest to destroy America.

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