Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Joke of The Day

Here We Are
Obama and Biden are out on the campaign trail BLASTING AWAY at their opponents like Gangbusters. They are now referred to as the "Chicago TRASH BASHERS."

The only problem is, these are just attacks and nothing of real substance. They are pure smears.

Despicable Joe
VP Joe Biden is out sputtering RACIST and incendiary language directed at a mixed (but mostly Black) audience in Virginia. What's important is to understand who's doing it in this campaign. Joe Biden (representing the Obama team) is playing the RACE CARD. Yeah, the DEMOCRATS are supposed to be the ones for fairness, diversity, and for the little guys. So what do they preach? Hatred to split and divide the country!

Obama's Deputy Campaign Manager, Stephanie Cutter was on TV condoning Biden's HATE SPEECH as OK in politics. "Bring it on."

Well the American public is SICK of this behavior and we want it stopped now. These SMUT and RACIST attacks lower the dignity of the President and Vice President's offices. Apparently they are too stupid (or don't care) about that! We want the President and his minions to talk about the ISSUES (wow, there's a thought) instead of the dirty tricks that they are playing right now.

Obama Lying About Medicare
Meanwhile, Obama is stumping out there telling Americans how HE saved Medicare and the auto industry. This is a big fat lie.

Obama is the one who threw Granny over the cliff on Medicare. Senior citizens need to understand that HE took $716 BILLION dollars from Medicare so he could use THAT money to pay for OBAMACARE. That's a fact!

As for the auto industry, Obama Nationalized Chrysler (and then sold them) and GM. The government owns millions of GM shares and controls them. Obama has also directed all federal departments to buy GM cars and trucks over any others to help boost sales. Forget about bidding. All this while General Motors stock prices have dropped since Obama bailed them out! This is not success - this is Obama's lie.

"Don't Be Fooled Again"
Just like old "Who's" song, Americans should wake up before November and understand that we are not getting what we deserve from President Obama. He is in the gutter with his Chicago form of politics and we deserve better.

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