Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Obama's Scandal

Where's the Press?
Eric Holder is the first Attorney General of the United States to be held in Contempt of Congress. He was asked to provide information regarding the Fast and Furious gun scandal where a border agent was killed with a gun that the ATF sold to the drug cartels. Holder did provide some details, but when asked about the possible cover-up details, Holder has stopped cooperating with Congress. He stalled and ignored Congressional requests for almost two years now. Getting nowhere, Congress in-turn, voted and have held him in Contempt of Congress.

Still Not Cooperating
The shame and disgrace that Holder brought to his office of Chief Law Enforcer for the US, is apparently of no consequence to either Holder or his good friend Barack Hussein Obama. Obama refuses to fire his friend and has ignored and passed-off the fact that Holder is perhaps guilty of perjury. Obama could care less. (Recall that it was President Obama how hired TAX CHEAT Tim Geithner). Apparently, there isn't much concern in this administration for obeying the laws of the land.

Obama's response was to initiate "executive privilege" that resists giving this information to Congress ignoring their legal right to it. This is exactly what President Nixon did to protect his illegal activities that resulted in his resignation form office. Do we have another Presidential cover-up?

Law Suit
Since Congress has little recourse, they decided to sue Eric Holder for obstruction and perjury. Both crimes are punishable with jail time. American citizens have a right to know whether our President is involved in the alleged Fast and Furious cover-up.

Meanwhile, the Corrupt Media never reports on this story to Protect President Obama. This is a deplorable situation. The press and media is protecting a President who could be a criminal!

Action To Take
Demand that the WH cooperate with Congress. The President is NOT above the law.

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