Sunday, September 16, 2012

Goodbye Savings

QE3 - What It Means
There goes the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) again, deflating our hard-earned dollars. This time it's to BAILOUT banks once again. Remember the housing bubble? That's when banks bought millions of dollars in BAD mortgages. Instead of letting the banks suffer the consequences, the FED stepped-in and gave them a bailout. All this did was to prolong the banks inevitable pain by postponing their own self-destruction. It rewarded the banks and incompetent bank management for BAD BEHAVIOR. And, unfortunately, the American taxpayers are the ONLY ones who suffer the consequences.

The Fed is printing BILLIONS more of worthless money each month. This causes severe inflation raising prices of everything you buy. EVERYTHING! This is an attack against YOU! It's time to realize what the government is doing and to fight back!

Crony Capitalism
Obama's buddy, Ben Bernanke (FED Chairman) is doing it all over again. Yes, he's deliberately destroying YOUR savings and devaluing the dollar to save the banks once again. So where are the Wall Street Protesters (OWS) now? Their absence is overwhelming. This is a good example of crony capitalism. You give rewards to your friends and stick it to your enemies. In case you haven't figured it out yet - YOU'RE the ENEMY!

Audit The Fed
Did you know that Congress has NO control over the Fed? They gave it all away in 1913 when they amended the Constitution. We don't even know who owns the Federal Reserve Bank. It could be George Soros! The only control the government has over the Fed is to hire and fire the Chairman. Of course Obama will never consider firing Ben Bernanke because he's following Obama's plan to Create "Obamamerica" - the new poor third-world county.

Dump The Fed
It's time to take-back the power Congress gave away back in 1913 when they bastardized the Constitution and created the national bank. We should begin by auditing the FED and finding out who is behind the curtain. This will probably be so disgusting that Americans will be ready to give the power back to Congress to create money.

Backed By Gold
We also need to bring-back the Gold Standard to strengthen our currency. This backs-up your dollars with gold. The FED can't print fiat currency when it has to be backed-up by gold! It also limits how much Congress can spend because what they do spend has to be backed-up by gold! This protects us all from inflation. When this was in effect, we NEVER had outrageous deficits and there was NO Debt Ceiling. Congress invented that! Whenever they get near the limit, Congress just extends it causing larger and larger deficits and no way to pay them back! What's worse is that they have done nothing to stop it.

One More Thing
We need to clean house in Washington. Anyone who has been there more than two terms needs to be FIRED! The good, the bad, and the ugly. All of them have to leave Washington. There's too much corruption! THIS IS OUR ONLY METHOD OF TERM LIMITS!

If you don't start pushing back, there won't be ANY freedom in this country. Re-elect Obama and watch the continuation of the piece-by-piece dismantling of America. Obama's economic record is NO ACCIDENT! He WANTS America to collapse. That's Obamamerica!

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