Sunday, November 4, 2012

FEMA's Lean Forward Policy

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If you're one of the several million Americans waiting for disaster relief on the East coast - Don't hold your breath waiting! Obama's FEMA wasn't ready for this disaster! FEMA ran-out of water today and doesn't expect any until tomorrow - maybe...

FEMA officials affectionately call this the "Lean Forward Policy." This strategy called for advanced staging of the critical inventories in nearby storage facilities. Unfortunately, FEMA's water and food did NOT arrive in these places as expected. Instead, these supplies stayed safe in warehouses in Georgia and Maryland while New York and New Jersey residents struggle without the basics for survival. Those who need it just have to wait and suffer the consequences.

It took 72 hours after the storm hit for FEMA to provide these life essentials to New York residents. What gives?

Photo Ops
President Obama was in New Jersey touring the devastation and promising that all residents would receive help from the government resources ASAP. REALLY? The reality is that FEMA has failed again. This time it's under Obama's watch. So is this still Bushes fault?

Romney Can
On the day of the storm, Governor Romney transformed his Ohio campaign office into a relief station for the Sandy Hurricane. He was able to send bottled water to the victims the day after the storm hit. That was an immediate response, by a non-government entity!

Question: If Romney could deliver water so fast, why couldn't FEMA?
Answer: Bureaucracy! FEMA is just another big government agency that is too big to be able to get the job done.

Lesson Learned
Don't ever trust BIG GOVERNMENT to help you in a disaster. They are INCOMPETENT! Obama is incompetent.

Remember when you vote on Tuesday!

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