Saturday, November 10, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Layoffs Announced
Just after Obama's re-election the stock market dropped over 300 points. Yeah, but that had nothing to do with HIS re-election. Tell that to the people who now face Christmas without any job.

The ObamaCare mandate forces employers to buy insurance that they cannot afford. Employers have a solution. They reduce the mandated number of employees. The bottom line is that employers are finding it cheaper to fire or lay off people and hire them back as part-time help (if re-hired at all).

The Proof
Here is a brief listing of just a few of the places who announced layoffs after this week's elections:

  • Boeing Company  - 30% of management staff are gone!
  • Brake Parts - 75 jobs gone
  • Bristol Meyers Squibb - 480 layoffs
  • Center for Hospice New York - 40 workers
  • CVPH Medical Center - 17 people gone
  • Darden Restaurants - limiting ALL workers to just 28 hours per week
  • Hawker Beechcraft - 240 workers
  • Husqvarna - 600 jobs
  • Lightear Network Solutions - 12 employees
  • Momentive Performance Materials - 150 jobs
  • OCE North America - 135 jobs
  • Providence Journal - 23 workers
  • Rocketdyne - 100 employees gone
  • United Blood Services Gulf - 10% of its work force gone
  • US Cellular - 980 workers
  • Vestas Wind Systems - 3, 000 jobs gone
  • West Ridge Mine - closing 204 coal fired electrical plants

Other Business Closings
These are the business closings announced publically in just the last two days:

  • AGC Glass North America to permanently close its Blue Ridge Plant in Kingsport Tenn.
  • Andover Gift Shop in Andover MA
  • Bost Harley-Davidson at 46th Avenue North and Delaware Ave. in West Nashville TN
  • Caterpillar Inc. will close its plant in Owatonna Minn.
  • Fresh Market on Pine Street in Burlington
  • Grand Union Family Markets Closing Storrs Location CT
  • Gomer’s Fried Chicken in South Kansas City
  • Kmart in Homer Glen
  • Kmart store in Parkway Plaza off University Drive in Durham NC – 79 Jobs Lost
  • Mount Pleasant’s Albrecht Sentry Foods
  • Millennium Academy in Wake Forest NC
  • Movie Scene Milford Location NH
  • Roses store on Reynold Road in Winston-Salem NC
  • Target closing Kissimmee FL Location
  • Target store at Manassas Mall Va.
  • Target store at Platte and Academy in Colorado Springs
  • TE Connectivity Closing Greensboro Plant – 620 Layoffs Expected
  • Townsend Booksellers in Oakland

Thank ObamaCare
Welcome comrades to ObamaMerika! This is what you voted for and this is what you get. This  President is well on his way to collapsing the economy once and for all with his government takeover of your health care and HIS anti drilling regulations. Better red than dead?

Action To Take
Tell Congress NOT to provide ANY funding towards ObamaCare.

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