Monday, January 21, 2013

America Is Dying

The America that you grew up in is gone. It no longer is the "Land of the free and the brave." It used to be the land of prosperous people who worked hard and achieved the American Dream.

This President is making radical changes to America. They are institutional as well as structural. He IS deliberately following this course of action. This is HIS AGENDA and that of the PROGRESSIVE LEFT (alias MARXISTS). He/they will de-industrialize, institutionalize,  and nationalize America. They do NOT care about the Constitution or the laws of the land. They truly believe that the ends justify the means of getting what they want - when they want it. Look around, there are too many examples to prove the point. The latest is the anti-gun agenda. This action is NOT about child safety, it's about big government control over YOUR lives. Everything in and about America is at steak. Can't you hear the screams of freedom dying?

The Pathetic GOP
The Republican Party has become the "Pathetic Party." They are the party of cowards. They stand for nothing. They capitulate and cave-in at a moments notice. They are the old establishment and have not kept up with the 21st century. The Republican Party has no vision for America. Meanwhile, their counterparts, have infiltrated the Democratic Party with the radical 1960's anti-Constitutional, pro-collectivism approach. America is loosing to the MARXISTS! The Republicans just don't care anymore.

The Main Stream Media (MSM) has also capitulated their responsibility granted under the First Amendment. FREE SPEECH. Instead they have become an arm of the government. The MSM is now the Statist Media. They defend and support the radical views of this President and try to destroy those who oppose. They try to achieve the growth of big government. They are no longer "journalists" reporting the truth. Instead, they have become the guiltless government Propagandists who serve the "Greater Good" of America.

Young Americans
Today's youth is too busy to see what is happening before their very eyes. They know little if anything at all about politics, and they could care less. It's unfortunate, because they don't see their freedoms disappearing on a daily basis, and they don't take any responsibility to protect them. However, when it finally hits home, it will be too late and they will have to live subservient lives and just remember what freedom and liberty were like.

Last Chance
There is still a remote chance that we can stop this destruction of America. We have to start fighting back. If not, "Welcome to the Collective Comrades."

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