Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sandy Hook Conspiracy?

Open Questions
The Internet is buzzing with Sandy Hook conspiracy stories. Have you bothered to try and find out about them? One thing for sure, there are many unanswered questions about this horrendous shooting.

  • Did you know that the media first videos actually filmed two other people who were arrested by the police? Who were they and what ever happened to them?
  • Why did the shooter have his brother's ID when he hadn't seen his brother for over two years?
  • Why did the media report the only guns found inside the school were handguns?
  • Was the shooter's mother a kindergarten teacher or not?
  • Did you know that FEMA was exercising DRILLS on this very topic only 20 minutes away?
  • Why were Sandy Hook charity funds posted on FaceBook before the shooting occurred?
Curious Yet?
If any of these things have peaked your curiosity, you need to watch the following YouTube video before it is removed:

Watch it and then answer this question: Is it possible that this was a hoax used to grab your guns? What do you think?

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