Friday, January 25, 2013

Queen of Deception

Dianne Feinstein's True Soul
Senator Feinstein is a fraud. She is EVIL. She's a charlatan. She's a deceiver. She's dishonest. These allegations are NOT unfounded. She's more than just a hypocrite. Quite the contrary. Just look at the facts.

2013 Assault Weapons Ban
In her approach to stop gun violence like the Sandy Hook incident, Diane Feinstein has gone to extreme measures. First, she's calling her legislation an "assault weapons ban." This is a lie. Her propose is the total banning of 154 weapons, including shotguns AND handguns - not just assault weapons. None of these latter items are considered "assault weapons."

Don't be fooled by her misleading jargon. This is an outlawing of all classes of firearms. It totally ignores the Second Amendment. Dianne Feinstein is assaulting the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights all in the name of gun safety. Another lie. Dianne Feinstein is an ENEMY of your liberties.

The Biggest Insult
Senator Feinstein has, and uses her own concealed weapons permit for self-protection. However, she doesn't want to allow everyday citizens from having the same opportunity to protect themselves and their families. She even takes it one step more by including in her legislation an item that illustrates the HYPOCRISY and DECEIT of her proposed law. All government officials are exempt from her ban on guns and "assault weapons." Government officials do not have to comply with this new law which includes gun registration.

Questions To Ask
Why is it OK for Government Officials to have these banned guns and NOT comply with the law? How is it fair to citizens to ban shotguns and handguns with respect to the US Constitution? Why would any law abiding person consider complying with such a double standard totalitarian idea?

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