Saturday, April 13, 2013

Brainwashing Our Youth

We've seen the videos of the Leftist college professors spewing left-wing propaganda instead of teaching. Hate-filled rhetoric blasting Republicans and anyone who disagrees with the LEFT's position on ANY topic - coming from todays's colleges and universities is not uncommon. Conservative speakers are discouraged from speaking and are often attacked, heckled, or even banned from speaking at colleges, and now it seems in high schools as well.

Fact: Grosse Point High School Principal (MICHIGAN) banned US Senator Rick Santorum from speaking at their high school. The reason was given that Santorum's position on GAY MARRIAGE didn't agree with the high school principal's opinion. After Bill O'Reilly heard about it he brought pressure on the school and they recanted - sort of.

Senator Santorm would be allowed to speak at the high school and kids could ONLY attend if they had signed parental permission forms to gain entry. Maybe we should employ the same tactics when FLOTUS gives a speech or how about her husband? Only kids with signed permission notes from home can listen to their PROPAGANDA!

Another example is the 8th grade worksheet that spews hate speech against Conservatism in favor of Liberalism in a Wisconsin elementary school. Once parents saw it, they became outraged and rightly so.

Your kids aren't safe. Watch what they bring home from school. Look at their work. Ask them about their college professors. It's all there on a daily basis. Your kids are being brainwashed in front of you.

How many of these stories do Americans have to hear to understand that Conservative values are under a constant attack and that America is in decline as a result? Our kids, YOURS and MINE are being brainwashed on a regular basis.\

This should give some parents who care some enthusiasm for home schooling.

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