Thursday, April 11, 2013

Your Government At Work

One thing for sure, if you thought you had ANY privacy, you're dead wrong. The latest proof of this is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They claim that their agents do NOT need search warrants in order to read ANYONE's emails, cell phone text messages, or any other private electronic communications. They claim that the 4th Amendment does not protect emails because "Internet users do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in such communications." Funny how they interpret the law to violate it.

In other words, go SCREW the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Now Big Brother is taking over. If you haven't come to the conclusion that you should be afraid of Big Government, there's little hope that you understand just how bad this situation really is and how badly your personal freedoms are eroding.

America and Americans are under attack from within.

The Other Foot
What do you suppose would happen if this were reversed? Now if YOU were to have a look at the IRS's emails, they would say that you have no right to invade their privacy and you would be prosecuted to the fullest. That's called HYPOCRACY. It is an abuse of power or an assumption of powers that were NEVER GRANTED. It's also called a totalitarian state. They ignore the laws of the land because they think that they ARE in control. In part we can thank our own Congress and previous President for giving us the Patriot Act. We can also thank Obama for expanding the Patriot Act under his watch to make warrant less searches easier to do. A noble name for an invasive act. These are the unforeseen consequences of allowing bureaucrats to implement their version of the law.

Stop and look at what's happening to our country. America is is serious trouble. We're NOT talking about the economy. We are talking about how the government has grown too big for its own good.

If no one pushes back, we are ALL doomed.

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