Sunday, April 7, 2013

This is NOT the America I Grew Up In

Look around. Do you even recognize where you're at any more? American's freedoms are disappearing every day and people just don't seem to care any more. They continue to go on with their lives believing that they will never be enslaved or dominated by a totalitarian government. "That can't happen here in America."

How naive it is to believe that fantasy.

The Newton, CT gun shop owner has just been shut-down by the federal government. They revoked all his licenses and refuse to say why. His livelihood is gone because he LEGALLY sold a firearm to a woman who had a CRAZY son who killed innocent people with it. This is hardly a reason for destroying a man's life as a business man. What a waste.

Prestigious universities hire convicted "terrorists" and Murderers to teach our students. What exactly will they teach them? They invite dictators and religious fanatics to come as guest speakers for "diversity" while banning Conservatives from campus.

One person is "Offended" by a religious display at Christmas, and the whole town bans ANY religious exhibitions. This ignores the whole fabric on the tenants that founded America.

Schools adopt a "Zero Tolerance Policy" and expel kids for pointing their fingers in the shape of a gun. These are kids and they don't know any better.

Political Correctness "Police" ban or remove words or deeds that they no longer like in exchange for what they want. The whole purpose of this effort is to destroy American traditions and American values form our society.

Rush Limbaugh is right. America is a "DYING COUNTRY" but no one seems to notice.

Is it too late America?

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