Saturday, April 27, 2013

How Many Terrorists?

It's been reported by Fox News that Tamerlan Tsarnaev's wife, Katherine Russell Tsarnaeva may have aided and abetted her husband, Terrorist #1. The police are continuing to investigate how much Katherine actually knew about her husband's Terrorist activities. Was she involved in the act itself? Did she condone her husband's activities? Did she help manufacture the bombs? How much does she know about the planning of the bombings? Is she lying about knowing nothing?

The police believe she called husband Tamerlan (Terrorist #1) to let him know that the FBI was looking for him after she saw photos on the news. She says she knew nothing about it whatsoever. RIGHT! No wife ever tries to protect her husband.

Suppose it's true she knew nothing. Then we have a true paradox. Katherine has lawyered-up. Isn't that a bit odd? If you have NOTHING to hide, why would you need a lawyer? All of her public records are sealed by Governor Deval Patrick (D, MA). Why is this? What are they hiding here? She and Tamerlan were on welfare. If she were NOT a converted Muslim wouldn't these public records be readily available? Governor Patrick claims that she and the entire family have a "right to privacy." Are you buying this excuse? We are talking about multiple deaths and hundreds of injured persons by a terrorist activity, and he protects their privacy!

Shouldn't this woman be held for questioning WITHOUT MIRANDA? Who's side in OUR government really on? We see a real mis-mash of using the law for some things and NOT using the law for others. It's OK for the police to go door-to-door forcing homeowners out of their homes by gunpoint, body-searching them, and detaining them, but we cannot divulge the Tsarnaev's public records as welfare recipients. That makes no logical sense what-so-ever.

Don't accept these lame excuses coming from the government. We are NOT getting the TRUTH. Demand answers.

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