Friday, April 26, 2013

Obama's Newest Cover-Up

President Obama's policies on counter-terrorism in reality, are more like PRO-Terrorism.

Here's why: He refuses to call the two bombing terrorists, Muslim Jihadists. This is in spite of the fact that they are both classified as such by themselves and Terrorist 1's own website postings.

President Obama told Americans that the war on terror is over. Keep in mind that under Obama's watch, there have been at least 10 terrorist attacks against Americans. Obama refuses to concede that there are people of a religious group who want and DO kill Americans whenever they can.

The most illustrative of Obama's failed anti-terrorist tactics is his latest trick. While the FBI were busy gathering information from Terrorist 2 in the hospital, Obama directed Eric Holder to Mirandize the terrorist so he could be tried as a civilian. The result was that he stopped talking immediately.

The FBI reported that they were never notified that the Justice Department was going to intervene. They claim to be totally blindsided by that event. Ironic because the FBI actually works under the direction of the DOJ (Department of Justice).

Here are a few questions to ask:

Why Mirandize the suspect when he was singing like a bird? He told the FBI that Times Square was their next target using pipe bombs. Why would the Obama administration want this suspect to clam-up? What are they trying to hide? Does this lend more credibility to Glenn Beck's claims that Janet Napolitano is LYING under oath about a third suspect? Is this just another government attempt to cover-up what happened and who is involved? Why should we trust her word alone?

These are just a few unanswered questions that we should all demand the answers to from Obama. Don't let-up on pressuring the White House. We need answers - not the BS we are getting now.

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