Wednesday, April 24, 2013


You may have seen this acronym and wondered just what it means. WROL defined is "Without Rule of Law." This refers to the situation where some sort of natural disaster has occurred or that there is a failure or collapse of government. In either case, things are no longer status quo. Life has changed and it's usually not a positive change. There is no more police to "Serve and Protect." You can't dial 911 and expect anyone to answer let alone send someone to help.

Without law-and-order, your lives will be threatened on a daily basis. These threats may NOT come just from your fellow citizens, but also from YOUR government. Did you see the SWAT squads searching houses door-to-door without search warrants? There was no more 4th Amendment when the government took charge in Watertown, Massachusetts. Are you prepared for this situation? You should be!

But, this can NEVER happen here in America. REALLY? Look around and get your head out of the sand.  It's already happened!

DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has purchased 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition. Just how do you think they plan on using all that? That's enough ammo to fight a war for the next 30 years!

Answer: To quell civilian uprisings. This explains their stockpiling of arms, armored vehicles, and weapons. Do you really think that the Department of Social Security & Fish and Game need ammo for training purposes? That's what DHS tells us.

It's OK for the government to be "Preppers" but not you - unless you work for the government. Wise-up America. The change is happening in front of your eyes.

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