Saturday, May 18, 2013

You Can't Trust Anyone

It has become public knowledge that President Obama, and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner knew about the IRS scandal back in June of 2012! This was reported by the Wall Street Journal. So this is hardly a rumor. This is backed by fact.

This information came to the President's attention in the middle of his re-election campaign. This happened at or about the same time as the IRS was busily harassing Tea Party groups and their financial supporters.

Barack Obama is LYING to the American public about his lack of knowledge regarding the IRS abuse of power. It hasn't been proven yet, but it's likely that HE was involved in this scandal.

Now it's easy to see why Obama has promoted Sarah Ingram to become the Director for implementing ObamaCare. She was in charge of the department that was breaking the law by discriminating against political opponents. And, it's a joke that Obama "fired" the current IRS director because this guy was leaving in June anyway!

So for Obama, this is just one big shell game and we, the American taxpayers are the losers.

Congress needs to keep the pressure on until one of Obama's confidants cracks, and spills the beans on Obama. Otherwise, he will escape IMPEACHMENT which he deserves.

Obama is dishonest, and is lying about HIS involvement.

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