Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Government Can't Be Trusted

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) cannot be trusted to protect us. They can't effectively protect our physical borders and now they cannot keep track of over 1 MILLION foreigners here in our country. Their latest audit turned up this fact and they can't deny the fact that they have no idea where these people are or what they're doing.

Although there is a statutory requirement to track the entrance AND exit of foreigners, DHS has failed to comply with the law. Gee, this sounds familiar. Another government agency who doesn't follow the law and is not being held accountable for breaking the law. President Obama calls these things "distractions" and NOT scandals. So we know which side of the fence he's on. He may very well be directing these actions.

How many big government agencies that break the law and get away with murder will it take before the American public has had enough? The worst agency scandal so far is the IRS. That has a direct impact on every citizen and their abuse of power.

Meanwhile, they just say they're "sorry" and that it won't happen again. It's almost like listening to Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner say he's never going to commit another perverted act on the Internet again. The day after he promises redemption, we read about his PERVERTED misgivings again and again. What's to say the IRS is ANY different? There are no means in place to guarantee that they will not break the law over and over again until they get caught and apologize.

TSA is supposed to protect US citizens. Instead, they commit crimes against us. Rarely are they bought and punished. Classic example is that the TSA STEALS from air travelers on a regular basis. Here's a video clip that details one of their crimes.

So what's YOUR break point? Do you have one? When will you get fed-up and push back? Time is getting close when you should be ready.

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