Monday, July 29, 2013

Vacation Time Again

Yes, it's summer and time to think about that SUMMER VACATION. Forget about "Sequestration" because that was just another made-up Obama BS excuse to try and punish Americans who actually love their country. Shut down White House tours while we go on EXPENSIVE vacations.

Also forget that the President just came back from his $100 MILLION dollar vacation in Africa. Also remember FLOTUS because she went along for the ride also. For sure she won't miss this one either. Martha's Vineyard is a place for the Rich and Famous. Chances are that FLOTUS will travel independently because she can't align her schedule with her hubbies. This of course will increase the total cost by doubling the air travel expenses at hundreds of dollars per hour. FLOTUS will probably have her entourage of 33 people to take care of her needs like she did on the African tour. Ah, it's only taxpayer money. They really don't give a care - neither do we.

The Ministry of Propaganda (main stream media) will NEVER report how many vacations these two take at our expense - let alone the cost of their never-ending-vacations. Isn't it time to raise our voices and let the "King and Queen" learn of our displeasure?

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