Sunday, July 28, 2013

What's an EMP Pulse?

Scientists discovered during the first atomic test that during an atomic explosion there is a burst of electromagnetic energy or EMP pulse. Back then, it wasn't too much concern although it did disturb a few electrical systems. However, today we (everyone around the world) relies more and more on computer chips and sophisticated electronic circuits in our daily lives. Cell phones and modern cars are typical examples. When the chips go bad we loose communication or transportation.

Why the fuss? Our enemies know this fact and have developed weapons to bring the USA on its knees. One atomic weapon exploded 200 miles up in our atmosphere would cause damage to all electrical systems, power grids, cars, radios, TVs and cell phones. EMP weapons are designed to maximize these effects. All your electronic equipment would be destroyed and become unusable.

The sun can also produce such pulses. If they are directed directly at planet Earth, they can and have caused damage to our power grid. It can happen again and we have done little to protect ourselves against this natural phenomena.

There has been a book written about the effect on America after such a pulse. It's called "One Second After" by William R. Forstchen.

Anything that uses electricity would be effected. Think about that for a minute.

Everything electrical. Without these things, America would be pushed immediately back to the 1800's. It may as well be the Stone Age. We are all so dependent on electricity that we would be up the creek without a paddle.

However, scientists learned that there are ways of protecting against such disturbances. There is something called a Faraday Cage. If you place your electronics inside this cage, EMP pulses do not affect them. Some people have gone to the extreme of creating a Faraday Cage to park their cars inside to protect them.

Here is an example to show how to make one on a smaller scale.

You can protect your electronics by keeping them in there. Will you?

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