Saturday, August 3, 2013

How Can You Tell?

So we'd all like to believe that the government has our best interests at stake. But lately, when we look around, we see many things that indicate just the opposite. Under President Obama, we seem to have several "False Scandals" that he passes-off as non-consequential. However, when you take a closer look, they are not Faux Scandals but REAL ones.

Look around, are people happy? Are people employed? Have friends stopped looking for work and just given up? This is the longest "recovery" in US history. Why do you suppose that is? It may be hard to believe  but couldn't the slow recovery be a deliberate attempt NOT to recover?

When Obama doesn't get his way in Congress he skirts around them by issuing "Executive Directives" that make things always go HIS way. That's not looking out for you. That's not a government of checks and balances. It's a one-way government that's ignoring you and  often - your freedoms.

Have you ever known of a time in your life where the American government has spied on ALL of its citizens? This is happening now. Is this looking out for you? They claim it's to stop Terrorism. Maybe, but it oversteps the very fabric of our country - the Constitution. This government ignores it everyday. They perform warrantless searches on MILLIONS of Americans each day (NSA spying). That's NOT OK and it's against the LAW! SO why do we permit it to continue?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targets political opponents of Obama and punishes them. Is this STILL America? This sounds like a Communist country not the USA. The IRS says "we're sorry and it won't happen again." We don't believe them. It can and WILL continue to happen.

Benghazi is a cover-up that Obama and HIS crew bungled. They were smuggling weapons to the Libyan rebels behind Congress's back. That's the cover-up. The CIA is giving polygraphs to Libyan survivors once a month to intimidate them from not leaking the TRUTH. Is this America, or somewhere else?

If you stop, and take a look, you will discover that the government is NOT looking out for you. They are  abusing their powers and breaking the law. They should be held accountable. We should DEMAND the truth. We should keep-up the pressure on Obama and his cronies and prosecute all law breakers.

The media does NOT report the truth if it makes Obama look bad. They have become his Ministry of Propaganda. This is not looking out for you. This perpetuates the distortions and false-truths coming form the White House.

This isn't normal America. Wake up and get the big picture. Your rights are being STOLEN. Complain now or be silenced forever.

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