Friday, August 16, 2013

Current Polls

FYI here are some recent statistics on just what Americans are thinking:

  • 74% oppose Obama's plan to have HUD "Diversify" neighborhoods via Social Justice.
  • 18% of consumers actually believe that the economy is good to excellent!
  • 65% of Americans think of themselves as "Middle Class."
  • Only 39% believe that US elections are fair.
  • 47% believe that a randomly selected group of people could do a better job than Congress. So why do they keep re-electing them? DUH?
  • 29% believe that the USA is heading in the right direction.
  • 22% say that the stock market will be stronger in a year.
  • 33% say that the economy will be stronger in a year. 
  • 87% approve of Black-White marriage.

Americans think that ALL IRS top officials knew about the discriminatory policies.

Statistics compiled from Rasmussen and Gallop Polls.

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