Sunday, August 11, 2013

GOP Beware

While Congress is "busy" being on vacation for the rest of the summer, the rest of us are watching. The Republican Party thinks that it can get along by using the same tactics that they have used for the last 40 years. NOT!

Time after time, our "Conservative" representatives in the House and in the US Senate have missed several opportunities to challenge the President when he violates the Law of the Land. But alas, they merely sit-back and NEVER rock the boat. They should force the President to STOP abusing his office. But they don't.

Well, we've got news for them. If they don't start standing-up and truly "representing" the main stream Conservatives in the country, they are in for a BIG surprise in the upcoming mid-term elections.

The LAZY-Don't-Rock-The-Boat Republicans will be facing several surprises. They will first be receiving challengers to replace them in the primaries. If that effort fails, they will STILL be in trouble because angry voters will vote them Out-Of-Office. These are no empty threats, they are facts.

Voters are quite disgusted and want to see their representatives start fighting for them in Congress. The ones who don't, will become unemployed and learn the hard way.

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