Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Obama Broke the Law!

A federal court ruled this week that "the President may not decline to follow a statutory mandate or prohibition simply because of policy objections." They stated that the Obama administration has been continuously violating the federal law by delaying the law enacted by Congress. He's doing so with our ANY legal basis whatsoever. This law in question refers to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's move to delay a nuclear waste dump in Nevada. The court stated that Obama is "simply flouting the  law."

Federal court ordered the administration to allow the completion of the licensing in order to move forward in the construction.

Why can't Congress SUE Obama for doing the exact same thing with the "Affordable Care Act?" He's violating ANOTHER a law that Congress passed and that he signed (The Affordable Care Act). The President can't nit-pick which parts of the Affordable Care Act to allow and which to delay. Recall that Obama is delaying key parts of the Act - even though Congress passed is as a whole package. Obama is breaking the law by picking and choosing what to implement, when to implement, and what NOT to implement, for POLITICAL REASONS! The problems with ObamaCare are being pushed-aside until after the mid-term elections.

Action To Take
DEMAND that Congress SUE the President, his administration, and Eric Holder to halt their law-breaking actions. AND, bring a case to IMPEACH Obama for violating his oath of office.

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