Tuesday, September 3, 2013

America is Gone

This isn't America. We have passed the half-way point a long time ago. It has changed dramatically under the Obama reign of the past four plus years. He promised to fundamentally change America and he's keeping his word. This is the systematic collapse of the once home of the free and the brave.

Records show that this is the longest "recovery" in American history. That's because it's not supposed to be a true recovery. Obama's goal is to Collapse America. American jobs in manufacturing are just about all gone and moved over seas. America produces very little and probably will NOT get manufacturing jobs back. People here do NOT have the manufacturing skills any longer. American factories have sold all or most of their manufacturing equipment so even if we wanted to make things, we would be unable to revive manufacturing. America has become service-oriented country and not manufacturing. Detroit, Michigan is the perfect example. Detroit used to be the world's biggest producer of automobiles. Today, Detroit is a ghetto. The city has filed bankruptcy. The state government has taken-over their schools. Buildings are collapsing from lack of care or maintenance.

We are also the worlds biggest consumers. Since we don't make any more goods, we must buy them. The problem with that is that we don't pay cash - but buy on credit. Consumer debt has reached all-time highs under the Obama Administration. This won't get better over time, only worse. The trend is already established. More people are incurring debt that they cannot pay back. The housing collapse shows this as a fact.

President Obama has expanded food stamps to outrageous proportions. He's done so by lowering the qualifications making it easier to obtain them. Millions more people are becoming totally dependent on the government for their basic survival. People are being encouraged by the government NOT TO WORK by getting unemployment benefits for up to two years. Why work when the government pays you not to?

America is in serious decline and Obama has three more years to continue pushing his Collapse Plan. By then, you won't be able to recognize America, because it will be dead.

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