Thursday, September 5, 2013

Unintended Consequences

When a government steps-in to "help-out" there are always unintended consequences. The are things that result from the interaction that were NEVER anticipated or never considered as possible. We're there again on that page with Obama, the Wonderful.

Look at Obama's track record:

  • Benghazi - He and Hillary Clinton offered no support to Americans who were being attacked by out enemies in Lybia. He has stalled the investigation and has refused to cooperate with Congress. Even his Attorney General  - Eric Holder, has lied under oath about Benghazi. Likewise his Director of the CIA.
  • Libya - Obama decided to back the "rebels" who turned-out to be the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama sent money, jet aircraft, weapons, and tanks to support OUR ENEMIES. Obama had no long-range plans on what to do. He still doesn't. Today Libya is in shambles because of Obama's botched involvement.
  • Afghanistan - Obama escalated the US involvement in Afghanistan and look what it got us. No where - except more dead and wounded Americans. Nothing has changed. The Afghans will continue to resist changing to a "democracy." Additionally, Obama announced when American troops will be leaving giving our enemies a clear plan.
  • Syria - Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama wants to unilaterally attack Syria. After polling and finding out that he would face impeachment, Obama took the question to Congress. Syria's civil war has both sides (our enemies) killing each other. Obama wants to pick sides once again. His track record is NOT to be trusted. Obama's "plan" doesn't consider the unintended consequences (once again) on what will happen if we do start a war in Syria.

The Syrian "Limited Military Action"  has the potential of starting World War III which would bring destruction to American cities, the annihilation Israel, and shut-down all imported oil to America. But Obama and his "experts" either haven't considered these possibilities or have dismissed them as unlikely. REALLY? Unintended consequences are REAL.

Obama's record on foreign affairs gives validity to NOT SUPPORTING his plan to attack Syria. He's incompetent in geopolitics and we should NOT trust him. Tell Congress  to vote "NO."

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