Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blame Game Part 2

It's not my fault. I didn't draw the red line. The world drew the red line.

Obama is delusional. Perception IS reality. This is just another way of denying any responsibility for HIS actions. Obama did set the limit when running for re-election. Ironic how he denies that when he finds himself humiliated by HIS OWN actions.

This is the action of a "genius." Let's face it, Obama is showing his incompetence in foreign affairs and geopolitics. Obama is now playing the Blame Game to save himself from admitting that he is responsible for HIS actions.

He cannot admit mistakes. Obama is a true narcissist. His ego is so inflated that he can NEVER admit that ANYTHING BAD is his fault. Denial. Total denial.

Now Congress is being forced to "decide" what action to take. If they say "No" to attacking Syria, Obama will be reduced to the weakest lame duck President in world history. If they say "Yes" Obama may save face but the world will know just how weak Obama is and they won't be afraid of him. Either way, the USA suffers immensely and Obama becomes a JOKE on the world stage.

He did this all by himself. He listened to his closest friends and advisers but this time, it REALLY backfired on him. This situation isn't like Benghazi where he covered-up his blunders. It's truly pathetic that we still have three more years under Obama's rule.

Will America be able to survive? Only time will tell. It doesn't look good.

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