Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Blame Game

President Obama has backed himself into a corner when it comes to Syria. His political promise with the "Red Line" speech during re-election is what got him there. He has humiliated himself, America as a world power, and all Americans. Perhaps that was his goal, but being the narcissist he is, I doubt it.

Obama's ego has been damaged by a self-inflicted wound. He desperately needs to "save face." He needs to place the blame for HIS actions on someone else. His focus group polling indicated to him that if he attacked unilaterally, he would face the strong possibility of IMPEACHMENT. Not wanting that, Obama needed another way out of his dilemma. Why not blame Congress instead?

So Obama did a major flip-flop this week and he "decided" to ask Congress for their permission. That way if they say "Yes" and it goes badly, it becomes "their fault and it was the will of the people" - not HIS doing. If Congress says "No" and it goes badly, he will point his finger at them and say "Well, I tried to do what was right, but Congress stopped me." Either way Obama has a political way out.

What he still hasn't figured-out yet is that the entire world is laughing at him. He has literally CASTRATED himself in public and made himself the weakest President in US history. No other foreign country will ever respect him again. Why should they? He is NOT a man of his word and when he says that he's got your back, you better start running. Obama lacks integrity. He's NOT honest and now everyone should realize it. Our enemies do! Count on it!

What the average Joe in the street doesn't know is that this will have severe repercussions on us all. Our enemies have no reason to be afraid of the USA as long as Obama is President. They will increase their atrocities and perhaps "light-up" an American city or two with a dirty bomb in the next three years. Who will he blame for that?

Can't happen? Look at Benghazi. How about the Boston Bombings? Obama can't say any longer that there have been no acts of Terrorism against the USA under HIS watch. But, as we all know, he continues to either blame or stall until the bad news goes away. Look how well that turned out in the Syrian affair.

Obama is INCOMPETENT. After all, we elected a man with NO executive experience. He was a mere Community Organizer. How that's working out for us? This past week Obama almost pushed the USA into World War III. He still might!

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