Friday, October 11, 2013

GOP Elites Caving

Look at the headlines. This was predictable. The Republican "leadership" is caving-in to Obama's no-negotiate demands. They're scared and want to be re-elected again so they can continue to SCREW their constituents like they have over and over again.

The Republican "leadership" has morphed into moderate Democrats. They no longer represent the people who elected them. They are NOT thinking about you. They only care about retaining their position to stay in Washington.

They will capitulate by giving Obama a raise in the debt ceiling instead of negotiating spending cuts. They will also give-in to Obama by re-opening the government with NO concessions from Obama.

We've seen this behavior before and it should not come as any surprise to America. So why do YOU continue to put up with this corrupted behavior?

Action To Take
Vote-our all incumbents (BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES) in the up coming midterm elections. All of them must go and be replaced with new representatives who haven't been corrupted by the power in Washington.

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