Monday, October 7, 2013

The Crash Is Near

Look at your government. It is technically closed-down because there is (and hasn't been) any budget passed since Obama became President in violation of the law of the land. Congress is totally dysfunctional. The Democratically controlled Senate refuses to even talk to the Republicans. What's worse is that next week there is another crisis looming of expanding the debt ceiling. There are three branches of government and none of them are willing to work with one another. This is bringing America down and fast.

So far Obama also refuses to even discuss the problem with GOP Speaker Boehner. This is a true stalemate and Obama will use it to achieve HIS goal to collapse America's economy. The government shut-down is an easy step in that direction. Look at what Obama has ordered closed during the shut-down. He's trying to make this as painful as possible, (just like sequestration) and doesn't care who's lives he destroys in the process. Don't listen to Obama's words, but watch his actions. He deflects blame but HIS actions are in-part responsible for this worsening dilemma. He offers no solutions, but exacerbates the results instead. This is no accident, but a deliberate attempt to punish you and achieve HIS goal. This is a hateful act and you should be aware of it.

Failure to increase our debt limit will force the government to stop spending everywhere. We cannot continue borrowing and spending without cutting programs and services. We have reached the breaking-point of our governmental credit. The Democrats refuse to cut spending or programs. They will cut nothing. This will create a true collapse crisis. Revenues taken in won't come close to paying our debts. This in-turn will create a domino effect to collapse the dollar causing economic Armageddon. This is not a surprise because Congress has known about it for a long time but never tried to fix the problem. Recall, their solutions was to "kick the can" down the road.

Word To The Wise
Prepare for the worst. Be ready, because this is no joke. This is not only a possibility, this WILL happen. It's the easiest way for Obama to collapse America and blame the GOP for it. America's enemies are winning the war from within. The CRASH is coming!

Action To Take
Support those who are standing for YOUR freedoms and YOUR liberties. Let them know you support them. Let your family and friends know what to expect and how to prepare for this disaster.

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